Friday, January 07, 2005

First Post.

Hey, everyone, this si the first post form the Enlightened Anti-Light Trio. First post here, don't be surprised by the stuff that pops up, that shouldn't be there. Like that mistake I just corrected. And that one right there that I just fixed. What do you mean you can't see them? You must be blind. Oh well. Now to the point of this post

Now on to the techy gamey stuff. I found out yesterday you can win $10,000 playing Tetris. Thats right. pay $3 and you get a lottery scratch off with 2 codes on them go to here and follow the linsk to play tetris. Download and play. Pretty easy pretty fun. And addicting. New stuff tomarrow, maybe. and remember, keep your eye on digg for the good stuff!

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